Kim Reese


fine art





i have a degree in graphic design from art center in pasadena, california and have worked and lived, as a designer and art director, in minneapolis and boston. i'm currently living and creating in los angeles, where my primary focus is on my fine art career.

i was born in minnesota but left for california when i was 6 months old. all on my own. (oh...i joke.) i moved back when i was 7 and lived there, on a beautiful lake, until i was 16. minnesota continues to be a strong part of my identity...however i am no longer tough enough to brave the winters. southern california comes in handy in january and february...especially if you enjoy flip flops, as i do.

i have a good, healthy mix of child and adult in me and i like to think that i move fairly seamlessly between both at appropriate times. the child-like enthusiasm that i carry with me comes through in both the commercial and fine art work that i create.

artist statement:

i deal with human struggle in my artwork. i create it because it gives me a sense of relief and, at some point in the process, a sense of happiness. i explore ideas of death, redemption and transformation, and the mystery that comes with each one, primarily through the use of faces, skulls, words and hands. my intention is to convey some level of thoughtfulness and hope.

the process is almost always messy with very little, or nothing, planned. when i'm working with my photographs, the mess is in my head. when i'm working on my mixed media pieces, the mess is literally on my hands with paint being applied to a surface...paper and images cut, torn and glued...paint swirled and pencil pushed to form thoughts or simple emotions with line. words stumble in and bring joy because they hold power. i add, take away, simplify...identifying what wants to be seen. often times, there is layer upon layer of color and images that are no longer visible. the layers imitate life...some faces and emotions we choose to wear on the outside, some we choose to hide.

eventually, the work shows itself to me. the mystery of it unfurling intrigues me, just like the mystery of the lives we all lead.


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